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Any and all scoring rules used by the observer within a section while a rider is competing, per D-4 Scoring rules § III Definitions, shall be in compliance with those used by the NATC unless singled out and voted otherwise as exemptions by the D-4 Trials Committee membership.                                                                                            



A. The Checking Official at each observed section must be stationed so the entire section is clearly visible.

     Ifthe section requires more than one official, penalties will be called to the official at the section's end.

B. Officials may not be changed during the event in order to keep scoring consistent.

C. Officials must  position themselves in such a way to always remain visible to the riders.

D. Officials must give each rider a clear signal to enter the section.



A. Scoring will start when the front axle passes the start markers and will stop when the front axle passes

     thefinish markers.

B. A rider shall be penalized only for error committed which carries the greatest number of penalty

points. Penalties shall not be cumulative in any section beyond the first 3 points. C. Punch-type scorecards will be carried by the rider.

     Cards must not obstruct the view of the rider's number plate.
D. Scoring will be based on the FIM Trials Scoring System.

                                                     ERROR                  PENALTY

                                                   0 faults

                 0 POINTS










                                          More than 2








                                       Missing a section      10

A. Clean;

No error, no penalty.
B.  Faults;

      1. Each intentional contact of the rider or his/her machine with the ground or an obstacle (rock, tree, etc.).

Tires, foot pegs, and engine protection plate are exceptions. A rider may maintain balance with a tire against an obstacle or stop while the skid plate or foot peg is resting on an obstacle with the engine running. Note; feet on the pegs “toe dabs” count as footing.

2. Foot rotation counts as one point.

3. Sliding the foot counts as three points.                          

4. Both feet placed on the ground simultaneously counts as two points.

C.  Failures;

1. Rider begins a section without official's acknowledgment.

2. Not riding the line designated for the rider's class.

3. The machine moves backwards with or without the rider footing.

4.  A marker is passed by either tire on the out of bounds side of the marker.  Floating a tire over a

     marker is a failure.  Note; a marker is defined as a class split or gate.

5. Any displacement, breaking, or knocking down of markers or boundariesby direct contact of the

      motorcycle or rider, requiring that the marker or boundary be reset to its original position, is a

      failure.         Touching a boundary is not a failure.

6. The machine touches the ground with the front, rear or both wheels outside a boundary.

                     There must be ground visible between the boundary and tire.

                         a. It is permissible to float one wheel over a boundary. 

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   b. Jumping a boundary with both wheels is a failure.

   c. Breaking a ribbon is a failure.

Note; A boundary is defined as a marker or ribbon used to define the section limits for all classes.  

  7.   The rider dismounts from the machine and has both feet on the ground on the same side of or

       behindthe machine.  (Legs behind rear axle)

8.   The rider makes hand contact with any part of the machine, other than the handlebars, when footing, while stationary.

9. The rider receives outside assistance.

10. The rider changes the condition of the section.     

11 .   The engine of the machine stops with footing or any part of the machine, except one contact point on

each tire, is used for support , without forward motion.

a. A restart in balance accumulates 0 points.

 b. Coasting out of a section with a dead engine results in no added points except when footing.  

12. The handle bar is used for support and the machine is beyond 45° from vertical.

13.   The machine does a complete loop crossing both is own tracks with both wheels.

14.   The front axle passes through start or finish markers more than one time per ride in a section.

15.   Riders may not ride through a gate specifically marked for a higher or lower class unless also marked with the class they are competing in. *


             1.    There is no mandatory whistle used.

                       2.   There is no time limit within a section.

There is no first loop time limit.


A. Unsportsmanlike conduct, 25 points at official's discretion. Subsequent occurrences during the current

season will result in disqualification from the event and/or AMA disciplinary action.

B. Not attempting a section:  

             1 . Must wait in line and be recognized to report to Observer, 5 points.

           2.Missing a section; Sections are to be ridden in designated order only. The penalty

               for missed sections or sections ridden out of order is 10 points per section.

               Un-punched sections are considered missed.

a. If un-punched spaces exceed 10% of designated rides, the rider will be considered a non-finisher.

       C. It is the rider’s responsibility to see that their scorecard is properly marked, (for both time

          recording and punching) and turned in on time. Lost scorecards result in disqualification.

D. Altering a section of an event, before the start - disqualification.

E. Exceeding the 5 mph speed limit, also failure to keep both wheels on the ground in the pits: 1st offense is 25 points, 2nd offense is disqualification during the same season. Only the clerk of the course (referee), chairman, assistant chairman or chief scorer can issue this penalty either as a result of direct observation or complaint by at least 2 credible witnesses.

F.  Riding backwards on the loop or short cutting is prohibited for everyone. Penalty is disqualification or loss of

     work credit.


A. The protest committee shall be comprised of at least three people. Chairman, Organizer, and Rules

     Secretary.  If one of the above is not available candidates should come from, in the following order; Asst.

     Chairman, past Chairman or Rules Secretary, Committee Members.

B. Protests must be written and must specify the pertinent rule infraction. They must be submitted to the

    scoring table within the 15 minutes following the grace period. A $10.00 fee must also be submitted with the

    protest and if the protest is denied the money will be deposited into the committee treasury.

C.  Riders may not protest another rider's score.

D. If a rider is severely distracted by circumstances beyond their control, or their line is blocked by  

    other riders, spectators, animals etc. they may claim an obstruction. At the discretion of the

    observer an immediate re-ride of the section may be granted. During a re-ride the section shall

be scored from the point of obstruction onwards to the end. Any points lost prior to the point of 

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obstruction during the original attempt will stand and still be counted along with any points lost during the observed part of the re-ride.


A. In case of a tie the ranking will be based on the most number of cleans, then ones, twos or threes will win.

               If a tie still exists, then the furthest clean 1, 2, 3 — then the earliest finish time determines the winner.

VII. OBSERVER AND SECTION PROTOCOL.                                                                                                                    

A. The observers job is to score the riders attempt, to maintain a fair and safe contest by enforcing the rules

              and maintaining order in the section. The observer is responsible to and supported by the Organizer of the

 event in all appropriate actions concerning his/her duties.

B. The observer must not advise, coach, or assist any rider in his/her section.

Helping a rider out of your section after a failure in order to keep the section moving is permitted.         

C. If you are unsure of your decision and have no competent witnesses, you must give the rider the benefit of

      the doubt.

D.  If a rider argues with your decision, give a brief reason for your decision then politely explain to

     him/her to file an official protest and leave the section.
    If the rider becomes argumentative or abusive, advise him/her of the additional 25 point penalty

     he/she will receive. If the rider persists enact the 25 point penalty by punching out the sect #.

   Riders refusing to surrender their scorecard must be reported to the Clerk of the Course. Failure to

    surrender scorecard to an observer will result in disqualification.

E.  Expedite each rider’s ride. A rider may only attempt the entire section after a failure on the first loop.

     After the first loop send the rider out of the section the quickest way possible.

F.  Riders altering the section beyond your tolerance should be reminded that any further actions will

     result ina five. You must remain in control of the section.

G.  The observer must maintain the boundaries and markers in the condition presented to the first

       rider. Make sure you are aware of all markers and understand each line.Repair any damaged  

       markers or tape. Materials should be available at the section.

H. There is no line of sight rule. A rider may loop out between markers as far as they want unless

restricted by tape.

I.   Call for the Clerk of the course or Assistant Clerk if a problem arises.

J.   A rider may request a re-ride if distracted while in a section due to problems beyond the riders

     control. The re-ride is at the Observer Officials discretion. See § V.D. under protests

K. A rider is responsible for his/her score.

Any disagreements must be cleared up immediately after a ride is completed.

Problems that can not be solved in a timely fashion must be handled with a written protest.


D-4 OFFICERS                                      2019

CHAIRMAN;                                       MARK BUCZKOWSKI                            607-207-1769

ASSISTANT CHAIRMAN;                PEGGY BUCZKOWSKI                           607-796-0560

COMPETITION SECRETARY;             STEVE FEDORKA                                315-497-3408

RULES SECRETARY;                            CHRIS DENTON                                           

Revised 4/30/2019  MB